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어렵게지만 제가 할 수 있어~ 화이팅!!

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Finally!!!!! KAT-TUN will have their concert next year!!! Chooo ureshii!!!
Though I wont be able to see them live, I surely will do my best to earn money for the much awaited album.. :))) My days have been filled with joy and anticipation as it passes.. I cant help myself from feeling excited everytime I think about it.. kyaaaa~~~ :DD


One more thing, BIRTH will be out in a few days.. :))) *dances* Too much for me to handle...hehe.. Demo ne, I was really disappointed when I saw someone of a certain group posted the Star Rider's PV.. I understand the eagerness of that fan to show how awesome our boys are but the point is, she could have atleast waited for a few days. Right? I dont really agree with it no matter the reasons are. To see everything at the exact date or after it's release is a way for me to show my support to the boys. That is why its so upsetting seeing that post earlier.


Anyway, the waiting period isnt that long so I might as well stretch my patience and let this feeling of anticipation linger a bit more.. :))))


~tra la la la la la la~ yay! Ja! :)

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LOL Jane this happened to me when the RFY single will release...
chooooo upset when saw some ppl did shared the PV ><
i can do nothing beside waiting,, ^^
LETS keep supporting our boys~ xDD
and yeah!!! all SPOILERS made me crazyyyyyyyyyyy
can't wait for my copy to be arrive !!!!!

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